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IT was okay....Not great, but pretty good. I didn't find it very funny, actually. I could pretty much predict where it was going to go. None of the jokes surprised me.

For the benefit of WolfgangDS,
Adam and Eve had a little bit of a problem...
They had two conflicting commandments. The first was to multiply and the second was not to eat the fruit.
The trouble was, how can you, as it were, "do the do" if you have a completely innocent mind, like a child? your average 7-year-old boy or girl is probably not thinking about sex right now.
But, once they learn more about right and wrong, good and evil, then they start to get those desires and temptations. Get it?
So the one commandment couldn't be fulfilled without the other.
Simultaneously, Adam and Eve were immortal and perfect at that time. We have NO IDEA how long they were in the garden. It could have been a week, it could have been several million years. Adam DID name ALL the animals. I doubt he knocked that out in a weekend, eh?
But, Adam and Eve had to fall. It was neccesarry. How could you have joy without pain? you'd have nothing to compare to. You'd basically be stuck in neutral for your entire existance.

So...there ya go. The bible according to me....and some other people....lol.

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pretty good...but not America's fault...sort of...

I found the guys voice to be annoying...but the song was catchy. If there were a better singer, it would be really really good.

But, I can't blame ALL of america for this. I blame the rich scumbags who are running the country. Its not like all of us had a big meeting and decided to ruin the world. That's just stupid. Your average american is having just as hard a time as the average brit. The whole world is going down the crapper, not just Britain.
In truth, the problem started when the Republicans removed limitations on corporations. That was a stupid idea. Now we're exactly where america was before the Great Depression, except now the rich scumbags have conned the entire world.
And also President Bush for being such an idiotic douchebag as to then give those same scumbags millions of dollars each and expecting them to play nice with it. as if.
I hope that their personal hell is getting to watch every single life that they
ruined. While also being stabbed with very sharp objects.

So, don't blame americans. blame rich, stupid, greedy, douchebag americans.
(Did You Know? 80% of the total wealth of america is owned by less than 1% of its population? guess which 1% that is?...see above sentance.)

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kyle-christie responds:

cant argue with that!

Really Good

Very excellent style.
And, this movie has a certain stylishness about it. Some of the lines from the villain were a bit cheesy, but it's almost a requirement so it's easy to let slide.

Actually, the villain's design is one of the best I've seen. You don't see well designed villains everyday.

Oh, but try not to make the guy that shows up at the end seem too much like the Auditor in Madness Combat. Definate visual similarity there, but it's still cool.

Overall, crazy good animation. I hope to see more from you, and I hope to start animating soon. Perhaps someday I might be half as good...lolz.

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One Suggestion to perfect an awesome game

This game is really hard only because of one thing: Those dang window jumps.

If I had one request, it would be an indicator on the right-hand side of the screen that indicates the location of an approaching window. Even just an arrow that shows up when you get on the building immediately before a window building. This may or may not be possible, though, depending on how many buildings ahead the game is.

But if you could worm that in, I would be more than happy to 10/10 this, 5 it, and add it to my favorites. I really just want to be able to play it LONGER. But the windows kind of hinder that.

I have tried the trip trick, too, but it's the window locations that are the trickiest part rather than the speed. I can keep up with the speed and velocity, but not split-second accuracy on top. Lots of people seem to have this problem.

but hey, it's still an awesome game. keep it up.

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How did this survive?

There are zero redeeming qualities about this. At leas the impossible quiz is based on puns and backwards thinking, but at least thinking is involved. The answers to your questions are complete and total crap. You need to study the IQ some more, my friend. Cause right now, this gets a big

MattMorgan responds:

and ure the biggest knob eva 2 walk the planet :D

pretty fun

Oh, and by the way, I beat you, LED.

go me!

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It looks strikingly familiar...

and it's because I own that exact same kind of rubber ducky.


TheL1st responds:

i unfortunately don't own this rubber ducky. but i would like to


if I had a hammer....

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Marks-a-lot responds:

oops I dropped my hammer

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